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     Handcrafted crepe cakes originally from France, adopted in Thailand, perfected in Singapore from our family to yours. The first authentic Thai tea crepe cake with thai milk tea sauce in Singapore. Great for birthday cake, dessert, gatherings or just a simple indulgent.

You can go this url Dessert https://twobakeboys.com/

     Twobakeboys was founded by “Kitty”. During COVID she suddenly found herself with a pay cut and more time on her hands. With her Singaporean husband in the same industry also facing wage cuts, Thai-born Singaporean PR Kitty decided to sell Thai Milk Tea crepe cakes from home to supplement her family’s income. Her home-based business Two Bake Boys — named in honour of Kitty’s two sons — was thus launched on 1 July.

     Best seller is our Thai tea crepe cake comes  with Thai milk tea sauce taste elegant than the usual cha yen one gets at a street-side stall, and isn’t overly sweet — it has a robust, balanced flavour. The smooth sauce is creamy but not too thick, so that you can drizzle it over the crepe cake liberally and not feel too guilty about it. What we especially like is that the crepe layers are infused with tea — so that the leaves' toasty, earthy flavours come through even when you eat the cake on its own, without any sauce. Suitable for 6-8 pax, whole crepe 6” only $38SGD

     Twobakeboys also sell crepe cake in slices, Thai tea crepe cake/ Thai green tea crepe cake/ Thai rose tea crepe cake/ Tiramisu crepe cake/ Chocolate crepe cake/ Taro crepe cake/ Black Sesame charcoal crepe cakes all of the flavour will accompany with sauce and the sauce will compliment our crepe cake. Customer can mix and match up to their own preference.

Visit us : www.twobakeboys.com
IG, Facebook :+6592272815

     Birthday cake Singapore   |   Thai milk tea   |   Dessert   |   Crepe cake singapore
Source: Birthday cake Singapore https://twobakeboys.com/

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